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So here you are exactly at right place at right time when all you want is to eat well and all you need is to feel alive.

Konoba Trpeza is one of its own unique kinds of fish and sea food restaurants in a small medieval Mediterranean town of Kotor. The best thing about us is that we don’t only offer you better food but better living experience as well as Trpeza by location is in the heart of a place which is very peaceful and one of the best resort and relax type of places, a bit away from the rush life of town. The place where we located is basically place under wood and stones more close to nature. Considering our guest our main priority we give them best possible experience with us.

In a range of food we offer Mediterranean and local fish dishes for you and  wide range of meat cousins as well for your best taste experience. In addition with that variety of food don’t forget to check our wine card as we offer you variety of choices between local and domestic white and red wines, hence making Konoba Trpeza center point of choice for everyone as we got something they like for all in the house.

The interior is beautifully constructed with an exact peaceful environment you dream and demand. The stoned walls and the wooden furniture add more to the decency of the eating environment. Restaurant is mainly divided into parts to achieve whatever your mood gets you through. There is an inner hall for the relaxation and privacy along with a terrace for the beautiful eating experience and giving an outdoor sense of nature. You can choose to eat at the bar, relax in the sofas, or dine at tables. Weather permitting; you can eat outside in the loveliest evening sun. 

Defining all which has been described our qualities worth a try, come and see for yourself the complete package we are holding for you. You are welcome with your family as well as with your workmates and friend and we look forward to a sweet hospitality.

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